Privacy First

Our software tools continually collect valuable safety data while maintaining worker privacy through our patented masking techniques.

Best of all, it runs in real-time.

EHS Modules

Sightdata utilizes Computer Vision and Machine Learning models to convert raw video into privacy preserved data. This data is then used to generate actionable alerts and provide insights into your safety controls.

Exclusion zone detection

Fall of persons and objects detection

Loose object detection

PPE detection

Remote site inspection

+ More future modules

How we handle The Data

All data collected via the Sightdata system is highly secure and puts the privacy of workers first.


Worker privacy

Sightdata uses advanced privacy blurring algorithms to ensure no personally identifiable information is collected or stored.


Data security

All data will be stored on secure Amazon Cloud Servers based in Sydney via Amazon Web Services (AWS) in addition to seeking to align with the Essential Eight Cyber security standards developed by Australian Cyber Security Centre.

The Install

Sightdata's easy-to-install procedure can be operational in less than 5 minutes and use your existing or newly provided cameras

Workplace planning

Sightdata will work with your team to maximize the safety data you can collect and talk you through the simple install!

Hardware setup

Existing or newly provided cameras are easily mounted to any flat surface or scaffold tube and is then connected by ethernet cord to the Sightdata router.

Software setup

This is handled entirely by the Sightdata team!

System ready

Login to the webportal and begin using the Sightdata system to reduce safety risks on your site.

Are you seeking to reduce preventable injuries in your workplace?