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Sightdata's purpose is to make safety smarter, by empowering EHS professionals to make informed data-based decisions to reduce workplace injuries.

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The Life of Construction Safety.

The industry has seen 3 major shifts in safety measures in the last century, creating a smart safety revolution.

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Digitization & Smart Safety Technology

Many leading construction businesses are saying goodbye to the thousands of paper-based checklists, documents, forms, and reports that make compliance challenging for project teams. Digitalizing safety processes and utilizing innovative data collection tools helps teams to increase worker safety, be more productive, saves time and money, and, importantly, demonstrates the organization’s ongoing commitment to construction site safety.


Introduction of Occupational Health and Safety Regulators

In 1985 the Commonwealth government legislated for the formation of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC). NOHSC was abolished in 2005 and replaced by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC), which was subsequently replaced by Safe Work Australia in 2009.


Safety Regulations & Engineering Controls

When construction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge began in the 1930s, the industry had come to expect one death for every million dollars spent on a project. That was the norm, but chief project engineer Joseph Strauss wasn’t willing to tolerate it. He saved over 19 lives through the introduction of mandatory PPE and engineered safety net controls.

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