Safety Made Smart

Sightdata's system automatically identifies safety incidents and hazards on your construction sites in real-time.

The Benefits

Sightdata's safety modules provide your projects with a range of benefits.

The Privacy of Workers

Sightdata's products have been designed to protect worker privacy!


What our customers say

The Process

The Sightdata system can be installed in under 5mins and is simple to use!

Connect your new or existing cameras

Sightdata’s software tools can utilize existing cameras or new cameras that can be easily installed to any screwable surface or scaffold tube.

Build your vision safety procedures

Users are able to login to Sightdata’s Webapp from anywhere to easily manage camera settings and markup areas of risk.

Receive real time safety alerts and autonomous safety reports

Sightdata’s software will identify safety risks in real-time and provide alerts. It simultaneously combines data for EHS assessment and reporting.

The Features

Get access to a range of features that are tailored to your workplace!


Easy to use

Sightdata’s tools have been designed to make the tools quick and simple to use


Real-time risk alerts

Gain access to identification and notification of safety risks in real time.


Site safety reports

Gain access to site safety reports that have been designed to provide a simple summary for site meetings.


Safety control assessments

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your safety controls remotely.


Workers privacy preserving

Sightdata makes worker privacy a priority and have designed these tools to protect workers.


Secure data

All collected data is securely stored and only accessible by permitted users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technology behind Sightdata?

Sightdata utilises Computer Vision and Machine Learning models to convert raw video into data. Once collected this data is then used to generate actionable alerts and be aggregated to provide insights into your safety controls.

How long does it take to set up?

Once you have all the hardware onsite the physical install typically takes a few minutes per camera. Cameras can be moved at any time and does not require any additional setup.

Can Sightdata develop additional safety modules?

Sightdata is constantly expanding its range of module offerings. Reach out to via the ‘Contact Us’ section to discuss future module developments.

How do I get this on my project?

Use the ‘Contact Us’ section to reach out to Sightdata staff and we will organise a session to understand your project needs and any required hardware.

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